Odor -B- Gone Concentrate Kit


Finally … A way to quickly and economically remove odors from large areas … Introducing the Odor-B-Gone Concentrate Kit.

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Product Description

ECONOMICAL – Quart bottle of concentrate makes 4 to 6 gallons of powerful odor killing solution. 6 gallons of ready-to-use Odor-B-Gone costs $161.70. The Concentrate Kit is only $57.00 INCLUDING the sprayer.

EASY TO USE – Pump sprayer delivers a continuous spray (adjustable from mist to full stream) which allows you to treat large areas of carpets, and get to hard to reach areas behind baseboards and under appliances. No more tired fingers from squeezing a trigger sprayer.

REMOVE ALL TYPES OF ODORS FAST – Perfect for removing pet urine odors from entire rooms of carpet, tile or concrete basement floors.

Remove smoke odors from furniture, carpets, clothing and drapery. Remove smoke odors after a fire. Remove lingering smoke odors in a smoker’s car or truck

Remove cat urine odors from flower beds, gardens and other areas such as in a garage or under a house. Spray the solution directly on the dirt, and the odor will disappear.

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Odor-B-Gone not only removes all kinds of pet odors, but it also has literally hundreds of household uses in garbage cans, garbage disposals, musty closets, bathrooms, refrigerator, nursery, sick rooms, sneakers, etc. Any place there’s an unpleasant odor, just spray on Odor-B-Gone and the odor disappears permanently. Odor-B-Gone has no odor of its own, so it kills odors – actually neutralizes odors – rather than only cover them up. Odor-B-Gone is nontoxic, biodegradable, environmentally safe and packaged in a recyclable bottle. Unconditional money-back guarantee.